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Ania Lisewska Interview. She loves sex. It’s everything to her. She has decided to fight for it and establish a record of having sex with 100 000 man. Ran onto Poland, but her thoughts are to sexually conquer Europe. Who? 21 year old woman named Ania Lisewska.

Ania Lisewska Interview. Sex-shocker Ania Lisewska: Party for 100.000 members Are you the famous Ania?

Ania Lisewska: YEEEES! Well, now famous, or not?

Ania Lisewska: I think so! And that's what you were after?

Ania Lisewska: I do not know ... I was more about having fun. And it just happened that I became a celebrity already, why not? You raise Poland, but from what I know you are getting ready to conquer Europe!

Ania Lisewska: Yes, Yes! Of course! This is when you enter into action?

Ania Lisewska: I think that at the end of July or at the beginning of August! And would you like to seat on the couch in the Provincial?

Ania Lisewska: Of course I do! Why not?

OB: - Do you think it would work?

A. L.:-Maybe with time…

OB: - He likes the "atmosphere"...

A. L. - I know!

OB: - Why did you choose this way of life?

AL: - I like sex and to have fun too, engaging in sex is a good play for me, so...

OB.: - What do you like most about sex?

A. L.: - How do I say? Hmmm ... Everything!

OB.: - In one of your interviews you said that "sex is the content of your life, fills the everyday gray reality." But if sex is for you everyday, so I guess they must all be associated with sex?

A. L.: - Oh yes! For me, not a day without sex!

OB.: - Do you remember your "first time"?

A. L.: - I remember...

OB.: - How old were you?

A.L.: - Eighteen.

OB.: - Since then, how many men have you slept with?

A. L.: - hahahahahaha! There were a lot of them.

OB.: - "A lot" plus, so far 244 men to "counter" sex marathon, not a bad bunch. "Do you still can?"

A. L.-I can I want more!

OB.:-Who can please you?

A. L.: - Anyone can...

OB.: - Only if he is over 18 years?

A. L.: - Exactly.

OB.: - A maximum age limit?

A. L.: - I think the sixties. After sixty, I'd be taken. Well, I guess that if it was a mega handsome and well-maintained, it can…

OB.: - You make a selection upon receipt of notification willing to have sex with you?

A. L.: - No. Do not send me a picture. Do not write about yourself, so I do not know who will come.

OB.: - You know that are different opinions: some support what you do, others are against it. The latter is more. The most common determining which fall under your address is: slut, prostitute, slut, whore, whore, harlot. And what do you think?

A. L.: - Nothing! I'm not interested what others think. I do what I like.

OB.: - Do you realize that you sin?

A. L.: - If someone wants to, let him think so. I think otherwise. I'm doing what I like and I'm not going to change that.

OB.: - You know that in the time of Jesus, but also today there are counties where these kinds of women are stoned!

AL: - At such countries I do not go, so I will survive.

OB.: - Are not you afraid that one fine evening, a religious fanatic can come to you who, in the name of fighting against evil, just destroy you?

AL: - I have never met with such a problem, so I do not know how to solve it.

OB.: - Do you have some sort of protection, during the "entertain"?

A. L.: - Yes. This does not mean that I react in time and I can not live like come... hahahahahaha.

OB.:-Anyway, feel safe, and those who can come to you so they can feel? I mean the confidentiality, anonymity, and health.

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